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The Company & Advisors

            Founded in 2015, Vastitude Media Pvt.Ltd. is a media company located in the City of Rayapudi, Capital area of AP. We promote “Rajadhani Vartalu” a newspaper bringing out news from AP, India       & around the World.


Honorary of advisors

             1) Parmanand Pandey, Supreme Court Advocate

             2) Panduranga Rao K, Veteran Journalist

             3) Ram K Sales

             4) P. Afjal Khan, USA



            City Off:          # 303 Sarada Apartments,Goutama Buddha Road, Mangalagiri, AP 522503

            Head Off:        # 6-45/1, Rayapudi (Amaravati), Guntur Dist. A. P. 522237


            Ph.:                  94406 62699

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